Domestic Fencing in Holmes Chapel

Domestic Fencing in Holmes ChapelDomestic fencing in Holmes Chapel from C & S Fencing provides security solutions while adding curb appeal to your home. You may choose to fence the entire perimeter of your property or just a garden area. C & S Fencing will give you the finest job at the best price. Maybe you are trying to sell your house and the buyers complain about the unsightly view of your neighbour’s unkempt lawn. A six-foot timber fence will block that undesirable view. Border the fence with flowerbeds and shrubs and top it with latticework. Your potential buyers will now see a private family retreat ready for their own individual touches. You will get your investment back and more when you sell the property because you have added a desirable feature.

In Holmes Chapel, domestic fencing is a requirement for many. For instance, that 9-month-old West Highland Terrier at the rescue centre is not going home with you today. The Westie Rescue demands fenced yards. A four-foot picket fence will keep your dog safe and give your lawn a decorative border. Such a fence will not interfere with the open feeling of your lawn. This kind of fence works fine with children as well. If you provide day care in your home for two or three neighbourhood children, a slatted fence leaves your view of the neighbourhood open while protecting the children. Add a gate with an out-of-reach inside lock to deter intruders while protecting children and pets.

The beauty and safety of domestic fencing in Holmes Chapel depends on the company you choose. The professional level of the installers and the quality of materials used decides the value of the job. They have a reputation for excellent customer service. Their experienced installers use treated timber so wood does not rot. Wood rot shortens the life of your fence. C & S Fencing installation stands apart from the shoddy construction you see in some fences. Shallow post holes, weak concrete and short nails are the shortcuts that quickly lead to a sagging fencing. They guarantee the quality of their fencing installation. They do not take those shortcuts. Instead, their high-quality material and installation give you the best domestic fencing value available anywhere. For more information about domestic fencing, contact C & S Fencing.

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