Horse Fencing in Middlewich

Horse Fencing in MiddlewichWhen the time comes to replace or repair horse fencing in Middlewich, consider C&S Fencing. Our company has been in business since 1999 installing equestrian fencing throughout the Cheshire area. We are grateful to our loyal customers who continue to refer business our way. Equestrian fencing is more than just keeping horses in. The fence must keep the horses safe. We build strong post and rail fencing the horse would not break through. Our fences are visible enough for the horse to see so he is less likely to try to break through. If you have a jumper, we will build the fence to a safe height of 60” or more. A hot wire along the top rail or netting will add a measure of safety for horses that like to chew and push at the wood.

In Middlewich, horse fencing should add curb appeal to the property. A beautifully fenced pasture with horses grazing brings a smile for most people. We do not just build good-looking fences that are strong. We construct them to last many years. Some people have jumped on the bandwagon of plastic fencing. It looks great! However, it will not hold horses. If a horse pushes on one of those plastic rails it pops right out. C & S Fencing will help you lay out your fence area with strategically placed gates for easy access and exit for horses and machines. Ground clearance will range from eight to twelve inches depending on the fence location.

C & S Fencing offers other equestrian services beside horse fencing in Middlewich. We build riding arenas, as large as you want. Whether you are practicing at home or hosting an event, you will be proud to show your horses off in our arenas. C & S Fencing will build your new stables with tack rooms to your specifications. We give careful attention to details so the horses are comfortable and safe. We will also help design a functional and conveniently arranged floor plan for maximum ease of workflow. Your horses are worth a lot to you and we at C& S Fencing respect your need to protect them. That is why we build good equestrian fences. For more details about horse fencing, contact C & S Fencing.

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