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Supplying quality garden fencing Congleton at competitive prices, C & S Fencing have maintained their position as a leader in the supply of garden fencing Congleton for the domestic market. They are renowned specialists in equestrian fencing, while stocking all types of wooden fencing for both domestic and commercial usage.

Over a 15 year period, C & S Fencing have quickly developed a loyal customer base who appreciate their dedication and professional attitude when it comes to delivering a fencing solution. Whether you require garden fencing in Congleton; equestrian fencing or just plain wooden fencing, you can rely on the team at C & S Fencing Ltd. Call now on 01260 270 419 or 07813 020 735.

Domestic Fencing in Holmes Chapel

Domestic fencing in Holmes Chapel from C & S Fencing provides security solutions while adding curb appeal to your home.

Close Board Fencing in Holmes Chapel

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Steel Palisade Fencing in Buxton

Maintaining secure perimeters around your business with steel palisade fencing in Buxton is your first line of defense against potential threats.

Garden Fencing in Northwich

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Post And Rail Fencing in Macclesfield

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Horse Fencing in Middlewich

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Picket Fencing in Knutsford

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Close Board Fencing in Sandbach

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Charming Picket Fencing in Buxton

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Steel Palisade Fencing in Macclesfield

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